I have finally become a 2nd time parent. My daughter is ten years old, was born in 2010. During that giant gap between kids I worked my way into a management position in a health food store.

Working with naturopaths and speaking to industry reps and professionals, hearing medical horror stories and natural health miracles from my customers has opened me up to an amazing world- one where not all products are as safe as they seem; one where natural products are coming into their own, and getting cheaper, easier to source and a whole lot more convenient than they used to be.

I have tried too many products to count, found a wealth of information online and in books and desperately wanted a way to share this with the world. I started with a small, free blog on Blogspot but kept growing- now, the NAF readers and I have our very own place in the online universe!

Ok guys, here’s the disclaimer part- I am not a doctor or nurse, not a naturopath or a herbalist. I do work in a Health Food Store. Any recommendations I make here should be checked (where applicable) with the relevant healthcare professional- though I will endeavour to point this out whenever I make such recommendations!

I also promise never to plug a product I sell for the sake of it, or just to make money. Anything that I review or support here, I do so because I absolutely, 100% believe in the product. Likewise I would never bag out a product or brand just because a competitor sells it. I will do my best to show both sides of every story, the good the bad and the ugly, in the most honest way possible. Though I hope to host paid ads on my site, they’ll only be from people and brands that I trust and support.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and I hope even more that you find a few useful tips and some great products or resources along the way.