The Original Kosmea Rose Hip Oil Review

The Original Kosmea Rose Hip Oil Review Natural Aussie Families

Excellent skincare isn’t just about avoiding external stressors and pollutants. These external factors are unavoidable and no matter how much we dodge them, there will always be chemicals in the air, water, and the food that we consume that can negatively impact skin health.

The best skincare comes in the form of natural products that promise to heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin. Excellent skincare means using a trustworthy brand that prioritizes safe, effective, and healthy beauty!

What is Kosmea Rose Hip Oil?

Based on Kosmea rose hip oil review online, this product is the best in the market to date. It is touted as the original rose hip oil, as it was the first of its kind to be sold commercially. Its rich amber colour tells you that you are getting higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, far more than what competitions offer.

This Australia rose hip oil comes prides itself for its local ingredients. Everything that is used in the making of this formulation is from Australia, making it a 100% proudly local skin care product. In addition, rosehip oil Kosmea do not contain animal ingredients nor is it tested on animals. For those who want to make their skin healthier and more beautiful, hop on the bandwagon and try out the original Kosmea rose hip oil!

What can you expect from using Kosmea Rose Hip Oil?

With daily use, you will see these results on your skin!

  • Smoother and softer kin texture
  • Application at night will help heal acne scars, even old scars, too!
  • Balances and nourishes oily skin
  • Your skin will look youthful and radiant when you make this a habit

Kosmea rose hip oil is the only beauty essential that you need if you want to bring back the glow to your skin! You will notice immediate positive results such as softer skin and bigger, more beneficial results over time, including younger looking skin and the disappearance of scars!

Give your skin the beauty pampering it deserves with Kosmea rose hip oil!  

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Unwind with Natural Bath and Body Products at Home

After a long day, who doesn’t love to indulge in a warm sudsy bath lightly scented with stress relieving essential oils? Pampering bath and body products are widely available, but many contain chemicals, perfumes and dyes that are often harmful to sensitive skin. There is an alternative for people who choose to go the natural route. Natural bath and body products, including skin care products for men and children have become increasingly popular as the population demands better products and more options.

Why should we consider natural bath and body products over commercial synthetic products? Natural products are more easily recognized, absorbed and eliminated by our bodies than products containing chemicals. Also, natural products can usually be used by the whole family since they do not contain harmful ingredients.

There are quite a few natural bath and body, along with, skin care products available online. Bath and body recipes also make it possible to create quality, effective, natural skin care products right at home. Here are a couple of natural bath and body recipes to try. Keep in mind that these recipes are most often meant to be used immediately and shouldn’t be stored for more than a couple of days.

Natural Moisturizing Bath Bomb

1 cup citric acid
2 cups baking soda
1 tsp. fragrance oil
1 tsp. olive oil

Mix the first 2 dry ingredients together. Next, mix the 2 wet ingredients together, finally, mixing both wet and dry and forming into balls. Let dry for 24 hours before using.

Natural Shower Exfoliating Body Scrub

1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
2 cups of sea salt
3-4 drops of peppermint oil

Combine all of the ingredients, and use in the shower. Do not use on children as scrubs can cause harm to sensitive skin.

Natural bath and body and skin care products are easily found online with a simple Google search. Many online natural bath and body product companies do not carry large quantities of stock and actually make the products as they are ordered to ensure freshness.

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Spa Gift Baskets for A Refreshing and Revitalizing Gifts

Sending spa gift baskets for a special occasion offers an easy way to express gratitude, celebrate a special event, or simply brighten up someone’s day. It’s becoming an increasingly popular form of gift-giving, and more and more people are finding value in sending wellness and health-oriented gifts to friends, family, and loved ones. It’s easy to find a variety of specialty gifts perfect that are suitable for any age or occasion! From simple spa care packages to elaborate tote bags filled with anti-stress spa products, there are plenty of ways to show you care with a unique collection of bath and body care products.

Spa gift baskets can range from simple boxes of lotions and body scrubs, to larger collections of pampering products and decadent treats. Bath salts, relaxing scrubs, lotions, and aromatherapy oils are wonderful ways to help reduce stress in anyone’s life, and bath and body gift baskets are perfect for both men and women with hectic lifestyles, or for those that simply need a special treat!

Spa gift baskets can also work well as a birthday surprise or housewarming gift. Consider how valuable a de-stress package will be for somebody who has just gone through the process of moving into a new home; aromatherapy candles, bath salts, and other relaxing products could be just what they need to get settled in. Spa gift baskets can also work well for and expectant mother at a baby shower; soothing lotions, aromatic body scrubs, and premium candles can also help them relax and enjoy their pregnancy with ease. Teachers, college students, and even bosses can all benefit from a little relaxation anytime of year; bath and body gift baskets are a simple way to extend a token of appreciation and send a memorable gift.

If someone special in your life needs some pampering and extra care, consider sending them a refreshing spa gift hamper or ‘spoil me’ tote bag! These specialty spa gift baskets are filled with quality products including enriching body butter, relaxation CDs, soothing bath milk, and even gourmet chocolates. Chocolates and truffles are decadent additions to any gift, and work especially well in spa gift baskets for that extra special touch.

Luxurious spa gift baskets are also designed for that special someone who needs a little lift; wellness products in these assortments include fragrance oils and premium products such as pearls and rubies. For anyone that needs a temporary escape from stress or difficult times in their lives, bath and body gift baskets filled with a wooden brush or massager, relaxing oils, and soothing music could be just what they need to detach, relax, and revitalize.

Anyone can indulge in a heavenly spa retreat, and you can make it possible from the comfort of their home with a variety of spa gift baskets available. Bath and body gift baskets are especially comforting for those that are going through a difficult time and may need a special pampering session. If you know someone who could use a sweet treat or unique gift for a birthday or anniversary, spa gift baskets offer plenty of options to do something a little different!

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Baby Health Basics to Live By

Baby health basic essentials are very important if you have a tot in tow. It keeps you well equipped to emergency situations your child may get into. Things are not always in our hands. It is better to be ready for times like these rather than be sorry. Bath and emergency kit essentials are necessary to keep your baby clean and safe from health emergencies. By completing your emergency kit, it will make you worry free and your baby safe.

Having a list of emergency kit essentials and hygiene essentials will make you more organized. It will be easier for you to find these things for your baby. The most basic health essentials are listed below:

Mild soap. For various uses and needs, it’s the bath soap that keeps the baby clean. You would need to make hand washing a habit as early as babyhood. It will save your baby from many harmful microbes. When the time comes when he will be independent, he will always practice hand washing. Hand washing is very essential in keeping sickness away. Of course, mild soaps are best for bathing as well as it cleanses gently.

Mild shampoo. It is needed for maintaining the health of the hair and scalp of your baby. Mild soap can dry the hair so you better use mild shampoo. It keeps lice and dirt away from your kids head. Hair brush is also needed to keep hair tidy.

Toothpaste for babies. Be specific about the toothpaste for babies. Adult toothpastes can be too harsh for your baby’s gentle gums. Keeping the baby’s teeth healthy and clean is the only way to prevent tooth decay and tooth ache.
Nail clippers. Among the important health basics would be nail clippers. Keep your baby’s nail short so that he will not scratch his skin especially on the face. Your baby’s thin and scratched skin is prone to infection.

Betadine solution. Cuts and scratches are inevitable. Clean it with betadine solution. Its cleansing effect does not cause additional pain for your baby’s wounds.

Thermometer. You would never know when you need it, but having a thermometer at home is an excellent idea. It is very important to check your baby’s temperature whenever he has a sudden fever. Keeping your baby’s temperature in check will keep him from convulsions and brain damage in extreme cases of fever.

Aspirator. For times the baby has colds or cough, the aspirator is a friend during clogged-nose days. It keeps passage of air to the nose open. It is a good and cheaper alternative for nebulizer machine if your respiratory problem is not as complicated as asthma.

Cotton buds. There are various uses for cotton buds, and not just in cleaning the outer ears. It can also be used as an applicator of cleansing solutions on wounds and taking off dirt more gently than with cloth or hands. Cotton buds are helpful as well in taking off peeling skin, applying ointments and cleaning the areas between toes and fingers.
Diaper rash ointment keeps the baby’s bottom safe from microbial infection. The diaper is a perfect place for bacteria to reside because it is warm, dark and wet. All the essential elements for bacterial proliferation are found in the diaper. Proper protection for the baby’s bottom will save him from itchy bacterial attacks and will also save you from sleepless nights from attending a crying baby.

Gas relief medication. This should come in handy when your baby is colic. But not just that for there are other possible situations where your baby would have gas problems. Whenever you travel or even when you just stay at home, have a gas relief medication in tow. Or you could opt for organic or natural concoctions. Babies easily get so irritated if there is an excessive gas inside their tummy. Colic is the number one source of irritation for babies during the night. So, if you want to save yourself and strength from endless rocking, keep gas relief within your reach.

Babies are hard to understand because they cannot tell what is wrong with them. As a mother or a caregiver, you must check closely what problems your baby is having. See the signs, check the temperature and make sure that your baby is well fed and equip yourself with the essential things that are basic for your baby’s health.

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